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Follow the    Startrail    and create your    Destiny!

Embark in a space journey to colonize the outer space and exploit space environment for the sake of saving Humanity.

You are not alone in this quest and you will need your team up to defend your own interests

Build your unique fleet of space battleships and engage in epic team vs team battles.

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What is Startrail Destiny about?

Startrail Destiny is a tactical real-time space battle game with a strong focus on teamplay.
Up to 32 players take the helm of massive, powerful battleships and use strategic positioning as well as quick thinking to win the contest for valuable resources.

When can I play the game?

The game is slated for release in 2019.

What platforms will it be released on?

The game is client-based and runs on PCs.

Will it be on Steam?

There are no plans for a release on Steam so far.

What languages will be supported by Startrail Destiny?

Startrail Destiny will be available in all major languages; these have not yet been defined. English and German will be supported for sure.

Where can I find more information about Startrail Destiny?

You can pre-register and subscribe to our newsletter here on this page at the top.

Can I earn money by advertising your game?

Yes, sure. Please contact us in 2019 by  email.

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